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Institut Sinaran Library

The Institut Sinaran Library is to Provide Comprehensive Resources in Support of the Teaching and Learning Needs of the IS Family.

The library is located on the Level 2 (opposite the lecturer's office) in the Institut Sinaran main building.

The library is fully air-conditioned. There are 15 carrels; 125 chairs, 19 study tables and more than 10,000 collections of books, periodicals and CDs.

Facilities provided in the Library:
• Carrels
• Shelves
• A computer to check past exam papers
• Printed past exam papers

Service Hours Service Hours | Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations | Magazines & Subjects Magazines & Subjects

Library Service Hours

During Semester:
Open Monday to Friday8:00am - 4:00pm
Open Saturday8:00am - 12:00pm
Semester Breaks:
Open Monday to Saturday8:00am - 12:00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays:

Rules and Regulations

Students are encouraged to make full use of the library resources. The library contains books for studies, references, magazines and newspapers, past examination papers, and examiner's reports (which are very useful in preparing for examinations). Soft copies of these documents are in the PCs. New students can apply for borrowing cards from the librarian at the beginning of the year. The library rules below must strictly be obeyed.

  1. The code for student attire and appearance must be adhered to when in the library.
  2. Students will be requested to present Institut Sinaran Student Card when borrowing books/magazines or at any time in the library.
  3. All items, except pencil cases, foolscap papers and textbooks, must be left in the shelves inside the library.
  4. Silence and discipline are to be strictly observed in the library.
  5. Using hand phones in the library is strictly prohibited.
  6. The following activities are forbidden in the library:
    • Littering
    • Eating and drinking
    • Discussion
    • General rowdiness e.g. knocking table, whistling, moving chairs from one place to another and etc.
  7. It is a serious offence to mark or to deface books. Any damage already done to a book prior to issue must be reported to the library; otherwise the borrower is responsible for such damage on return. Students will be required to pay double the cost of a book if it is damaged or lost.
  8. Any book, magazine, dictionary, past exam papers and newspaper must be put back to its original position after reading.
  9. Items marked "For Reference Only" are strictly not allowed to be taken out of the library.
  10. A student can only borrow two books at any one time for a maximum period of two weeks each unless request for renewal is approved.
  11. Please queue up at the counter for borrowing, returning and checking out of books.
  12. Books must be returned to the library immediately if written notification is issued by the librarian.
  13. Fines are imposed on overdue books at the rate of RM0.50 per book per day.
  14. Library cards are NOT transferable. You are responsible for the damage/loss of books borrowed using your library cards even if the cards are used by another person.

Magazines and Subjects available in the Library

1. Accountants Today
2. Economics Today
3. Forbes Asia
4. Health Today
5. National Geographic
6. New Scientist
7. Newsweek
8. Reader's Digest
9. Scientific American
10. Teaching Business & Economics
11. The Economist
12. Time
13. Personal Money
1. Accounting
2. Biology
3. Business Studies
4. Chemistry
5. Computer / IT
6. Economics
7. Education
8. Electronics
9. Encyclopedia
10. English
11. Fiction / Novel
12. General / Personal Development
13. Marketing
14. Management
15. Law
16. Mathematics
17. Malaysian Studies
18. Moral
19. Pengajian Islam
20. Physics
21. SAM (South Australian Matriculation)
22. Science
23. Statistics
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