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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What course can I take after finish my A-level study?
A:All our 3 programme certificates are passports to continue your tertiary studies in good universities worldwide.
A-Level Science and SAM Science:
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy,Engineering, Architecture, Biotechnology, Biomedical Science etc.

A-Level Commerce, SAM Commerce and Diploma in Commerce:
Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, International Business, Law etc.

• Diploma in Commerce graduates are given advanced standing or credit transfer to go direct into 2nd year university studies.

• Diploma in Commerce graduates can also choose to work if they do not continue their studies.

Q:What is the difference between Cambridge GCE A-Level and South Australian Matriculation (SAM)?
A:A-Level is more academic and based 100% on exams conducted by Cambridge International Exams (CIE).
Results are graded A*, A, B, C, D and E.

SAM is 70% institute based assignments (on internal tests, assignments and projects) which are moderated by South Australian Certificate of Exam Board (SACE Board) and 30% exams from SACE Board to give an overall Australian Tertiary Rank (ATAR) in percentage.

Q:I have been selected for NS. What can i do?
A:You have several choices. The most popular one is to apply for postpone. Once you have registered, the institute will give you a letter to apply for it. You can do the NS after you have finished your final exams and while waiting for your result and university placement.

Alternatively, you can do your NS first and join in March. Top-up classes will be conducted to help you catch up. However, you will have to work really hard to do so.

Q:Can I pay the tuition fees by instalment?
A:This is only allowed if you are facing financial difficulties. Your parents will have to write a letter to the CEO stating the reason and proposed date of payment by instalment.

Q:What is the dress code for IS?
A:All students have to wear the collared IS T-Shirts for school days and the round neck T-Shirts for IS activities. T-Shirts are to be worn with dark coloured long pants or blue/black jeans and shoes.

Q:Can we still apply after the closing date for application or registration?
A:Yes, you can. We will still accept as long as we have places for you. However, please apply and register early so that you do not miss the orientation and the fun games and activities that come with it.

Q:Is there age limit to study in IS?
A:No, there is no age limit but most students are fresh SPM / O-Level / UEC school leavers.

Q:Do I have to pay in cash or cheque?
A:Fees can be paid in cash, by cheque or through direct credit into the institute's bank account
(Institut Sinaran AmBank Account 888101-803-2681).

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