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Double Joy for the Wong family

The Wong family had double joy when identical twins, Wong Min Fung, 18, and Wong Tzyy Fung, 18, both emerged among the top achievers of Institut Sinaran in the Cambridge A-level Examination in November 2008. The duo are the only sons of proud parents, Wong Sing Chan, a retired lorry-driver, and Teo Sok Kim, a Human Resource Manager with Milimewa Supermarket, Beverly Hills.

Both boys, formerly of Tshung Tsin Secondary School, continued their studies at the institute after their Unified Examination for Chinese Independent Secondary Schools (UEC), taking up the challenge to do the intensive 11-month Cambridge A-Level Science course.

"4As! It was unbelievable! We thought our lecturers were joking with us when they congratulated us!" said Min Fung. Tzyy Fung was equally elated, having secured 11As out 16 components papers. The twin brothers added: "We are very glad that we stayed on to do the Cambridge A-level although we could have gone into university with our UEC results. We are both interested to take up engineering. In fact, we are now more confident of getting a place in a good university."

"We hope we can get scholarships to finance our studies." Giving credit to the IS lecturers for their superb performance, Min Fung and Tzyy Fung said getting As is not really difficult for IS students because the lecturers are very experienced and knowledgeable.

"They are also very approachable and always available for extra help. However, students must always pay full attention during lectures and work hard to achieve good results.

Besides, forming study groups helped a lot. We were able to discuss among ourselves and help one another understand the subjects better," they said.

Both agreed that proper time management is also important. "We study hard but also make time for games and exercise as healthy bodies make healthy minds." Admittedly, their weakness is playing computer games. "We often forget ourselves and spend too much time on it. But thankfully, our father will remind us to discipline ourselves and urge us to study at least two hours per day," confessed Min Fung and Tzyy Fung.

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