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A Breakthrough For Local Student

Ling Wee Khang, 5As Ronald Foo Jake Shen, 4As

Lin Wee Khang managed the feat in the June 2008 examinations. All 20 component papers he sat for were also perfect As. He has been a very good student throughout and arose to the challenge of taking Economics besides the regular science stream subjects - Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Traditionally students have to opt for all science subjects or commerce subjects, but Institut Sinaran gave the leeway for Wee Khang as he is a highly motivated and diligent student.

Asked why he took Economics, Wee Khang said that he was initially thinking of taking up Actuarial Science and felt that Economics would enhance his performance in that field. He found Economics really interesting and was able to ace the subject even though he had not taken Economics in secondary school before.

Wee Khang has been given a scholarship by University of Hull in UK to do Pharmaceutical Science.

Ronald Foo Jake Shen's results were also outstanding. He scored As in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. All of his 16 component papers were also As.

Apart from Wee Khang and Ronald Foo, 11 students achieved straight 4As namely Arjuna Raj, Delhousie Daniel Jambun, Kiw Nyuk Xin, Lau Zin Zee, Ng Kah Yeang, Siah Tiong Shie, Soo Yeang Kah, Teo Zhen Yi, Vishal Dilip Murthy, Wong Ket Vui, Yeong Shue Kang; 12 achieved 3As (Adelynne Kalpana John Sarat, Angela Lu Yi Hweh, Kevin Chia Tshen Hui, Lau Chiao Yi Denise, Pearle Wong Gui Qi, Sim See Yii, Teo Jah Yung, To Zheng Hong, Yap Yong Jing, Lee Anne-Lyn, Lu Sooth Wai, Voo Suk Yee); 8 achieved 2As and 19 others 1A.

Mdm Lim, the CEO complimented the highly experienced and committed teaching staff for the excellent track record of the Cambridge A-Level results in Institut Sinaran since its inception in 1987. She also attributed it to the conducive teaching and learning environment in the spirit of 'IS Family', the strong support and encouragement of parents and the diligence of the students.

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