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A New Record of Achievement

The release of this year's June Cambridge GCE A-Level results brought much joy to the "IS Family" as a new record of achievement was set when 7 of the students in Institut Sinaran passed with straight 4A*s. Since 2010, an A* is given for a score of 90 marks and above, while an A for 80-89 marks. This is a 40% increase over last year's achievement of 5 students with 4A*s.

The 7 top achievers were Aaron Pan Zhi Ying, Chew Yun Jie, Gordon Goh Jie Xi, Gregory Tay Tshung Yaw, Joshua Wong Siau Kwang, Wong Fui Yee and Yap Yong Yi. Another 3 students, Chang Hin Kheng, Chin Jiunn Sheng and Ramona Claire Gondipon obtained 3A*s & 1A, while 4 students, Chang Poh Vun, Ho Yung Lee, Jonathan Lee Yung Sheng and Wong Shi Han obtained 2A*s & 2As. 5 others, Cherrie Wong Yi Wen, Chin Zhi-Heng, Karen Su Jia Leng, Chin Vui Ying and Lee Sung Cheng also scored 4As while 14 students scored 3As, 12 students scored 2As and 23 students scored at least 1A.

Overall, 92% of the Science students and 83% of the Commerce students passed with at least 2 or more subjects to meet the minimum entry requirements for university admission.

Datuk Yong Kyok Ming, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Institut Sinaran was very pleased with the results and congratulated all the students for their outstanding achievements as well as the CEO, Mdm Lim Khoon Chin and her team of experienced and dedicated lecturers for their undivided commitment to guide the students to reach their full potentials.

Mdm Lim said that the move to the new campus @KM10 Tuaran ByPass since last year and the more conducive study environment also contributed to the better performance. She added that student enrolment also peaked at 600 in January this year. She hopes that more students will join the institute to take full advantage of the affordable fees and the peaceful and safer environment in Kota Kinabalu as well as to continue to enjoy the comforts of home.

While the Cambridge GCE A Level is the institute's forte, it has also successfully conducted the Diploma in Commerce since 2006 and the South Australian Matriculation since 2008.

Current form 5 students are encouraged to apply with their school trial /forecast results by 31 Oct 2011 for the 3 Jan 2012 intake for all 3 programmes. Students are urged not to wait for the SPM results. This will give them a head start over other students so that they can get into universities earlier.

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